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Who do you turn to for legal services? Zimmerman & Doering PA has been helping businesses and individuals in Shawnee, KS for over 40 years. Our clients continue to come to us for legal assistance because of our dedication and broad knowledge. You can hire one of our attorneys for long-term assistance or simply arrange for a few consultations. Your best interests are our priority.

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Legal situations are often complicated. You might not know where to begin when faced with a legal difficulty. The first step is to call on an attorney from Zimmerman & Doering PA. Our firm offers sound advice and steadfast representation. Our practice areas include real estate, business transaction and estate planning law. No matter your situation, you'll be better prepared to manage it with our help.

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There are some situations you can handle on your own, but having a well-educated attorney in your corner will always benefit you. Working with a knowledgeable attorney can help you:

Plan for the future of your business or estate appropriately
Avoid unnecessary legal issues due to mistakes or missing elements in contracts
Increase your commercial profit margin through legally sound transactions
Make more money off of your real estate investments by assisting with transactions
Come out on top of any real estate litigation through assertive representation

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